Erica, Boss Lady and Commander at the Helm


Salutations, Bonjour, Hola, Kon’nichiwa, Bienvenue, Ola, Hallo’, Na nga def, ‘La Ora Na, and Welcome to the Basement Teen Center Beings of this great Rock. My name is Erica and I am proud to step up as your Fearless Leader. I have spent countless hours on the peaks of the highest mountains and in the depths of the deepest oceanic crevasses, studying at ancient temples, exploring our deepest caverns and densest jungles,  seeking the ancient wisdom of our ancestors to bring you the most excellent programming ever known to human and animal kind alike! I  have traveled through time and space, through lost worlds and alternate universes to retrieve knowledge not yet known on our planet to bare forth holey unique ideas, but I have come to a snafu as there is only so much that one person can do! I ask now for your help in our venture to be the best Teen Center we can be! Let us gather daily, weekly, monthly to philosophize, create, learn, grow, cook, and eat among other plans to help us realize our dreams! Let us have our cake and eat it too! Will you join us? I look forward to working with you, and with that I will leave you with sage advice from some of my personal heroes, “Be Excellent to each other!” and “Live Long and Prosper!” Erica’s pronouns are she/ her/ hers. Email Erica at with questions

Leo (AmeriCorps VYDC Member), Master of Fun and Champion of Laughterimage1

Hail and well met worthy friends and noble companions! My name is Leo (I’ll tell you my pronouns once I figure them out myself). I shall serve as your resident Good Cop, Cool Babysitter, Fun Older Brother, Geek Lord, Dungeon Master, and Rat Queen. I may not have explored this world that much, but I am quite familiar with the lore and legends of many others. I shall tell you forgotten tales of wizards and warriors, recite ancient epics of heroes and villains, and teach you to do the same. If you are lucky, I may even recount some of my own adventures. In return for the wisdom of the past and stories from the multiverse, I have no doubt that you shall teach me many lessons about this world and help me unravel the mysteries of the future. Prepare yourselves, for together we shall journey to the brink of what is imaginable/possible and may very well go beyond it. Feel free to reach me at