Paul Eley, Boss-Man and Resident Magician

paul's face

Born as the illegitimate heir to the Dragon Throne, Paul Eley was the offspring of a rare albino she-wolf and the king of all Emperor Penguins.  This curious blend has gifted him with a wolf-pack mentality of teamwork, sharing, and taste for venison, as well as the male penguins’ ability to care for youth even in extreme situations, though he does make for a rather awkward Ultimate Frisbee player.  Under the tutelage of a blind octopus magician, by the age of nine, Paul had thoroughly mastered the Dark Arts, the Light Arts, Language Arts and the Art of the Deal.  The only Art he has not mastered is any kind of actual art, but he does still enjoy giving stick figure drawings to his mom, whose already cluttered fridge is a monument to Paul’s prodigious yet really poorly done career of finger painting, doodling, collage, and sticks glued together.  These days, Paul can be found in the caldera of Fire Mountain, guarding the Crypt of Forlorn Gazelles, taking breaks only to kick it with the youth of Central Vermont, beating them at Ping-Pong and complaining loudly about Apples to Apples.  Should you be pure of heart, kind of spirit and just plain crazy enough to try to communicate with this magnificent were-beast, Paul can be reached by electronic mail at

Paul’s preferred pronouns are he/him/his or they/them/theirs


Mari Wilson, Memelord and Enthusiastic Liker of Things and Americorps Member


Mari likes to facilitate conversations and activities between diverse groups, which have included bears, teens, pumpkin spice lattes, ocean waves, rockstars, and bosses who ask her to rotate PDFs instead of googling how to rotate a PDF. She is a theatre person but not an actor, an activist who doesn’t like to go to mass protests, and a mass-coffee-consumer who doesn’t like the taste of coffee. She’s lived in New York City, Princeton NJ, New Orleans, and London and she speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Emoji. Mari has a pizza tattoo on her arm and will show it to you/ allow you to laugh at it if you ask nicely.

Mari’s name and pronouns are a choose-your-own-adventure: you can call her Mari or Mariana and you can use she/her/hers pronouns or they/them/theirs pronouns.

Email Mari at for a quick reply to your questions/comments/concerns and a fresh meme.