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Hello! I’m Robert Morgan, and I’m the Director of the Basement Teen Center. I grew up near Detroit, but I’ve been in and around Montpelier since 2002.

I have long enjoyed working with young folk; teaching guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele, and fiddle, and serving as a production and recording mentor. I’ve also worked in youth residential programs, and have spent the last 18+ years raising my own two kids. 

I make block prints, digital art, and I like dyeing fabric. I study and practice meditation and yoga and I enjoy board games, kettlebells, hiking, kayaking, and swimming. Also, I’m a pretty good cook.

I look forward to hanging out with you all and making good things happen. Feel free to contact me at

Dez Coleman

Hello! My name is Dez Coleman, I am a loving, kind hearted, goofy, shy; all in one well-developed ambivert. I graduated from High School in May of 2020. After high school I worked for chick-fil-a for some time and then proceeded to a Job at MGM; In that time I became a Poet Laureate Ambassador for Prince George’s County. I am now 20 years of age, writing poetry, had an Art Exhibition and now on a journey in Vermont to serve with AmeriCorps. I had some difficulties growing up but I learnt a lot from them and I am still Learning as my days go on; I am now moving forward as well as maintaining peace and finding the wonderful wonders in the world while releasing my feelings onto paper, expressing myself through art and all around creativity.

I love meeting new people and finding new thrills in the world. My life indeed was chaotic and unbalanced however as the days go on I find myself gaining more and more knowledge of understanding organization & Love and how important it is to have it in my life.

Recent Volunteers


Hey y’all! I’m Tovi, your 2021-2022 AmeriCorps member, and now occasional volunteer. I love reading, writing poetry, drawing both on paper and digitally, and cooking/baking. I am perfectly mediocre at playing the ukulele and singing bops along with it. Come talk to me about sci-fi books, DnD, LGBT+ stuff, and anything you are passionate about! I look forward to meeting and getting to know you!


Volunteer Erin Kelley was the BTC’s 2022 Summer AmeriCorps Member. Erin is a long time BTC member and 3 time Youth of the Year candidate. This past year she was at UVM studying Environmental Science but this summer she’s back and excited to hang out with all of you! She loves reading, board games (seriously, she LOVES board games), art, folk music, and all things outside. If you want to learn something new, come on in and even if she doesn’t know anything about it, she’ll try her best to learn it with you!

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