For Teens:

We are open to teens ages 12 to 18 from anywhere in the world! If you are a teen and have any questions or would like to get involved, drop by the BTC, email us at, or message us on social media!

If you are a teen and would like programming at the BTC to reflect your personal interests, let us know those interests by taking our Interest Survey

For Volunteers:

The Basement Teen Center benefits greatly from volunteers donating their time to help out. If you are interested in volunteering at the Basement, leave your information and we will contact you to set up a meeting

Opportunities for helping out include:

Drop In – The BTC sees anywhere from 1 – 30 teens during drop-in hours and these are usually unstructured times with firm boundaries. Volunteering during drop in hours at the Basement Teen Center is a serious commitment. Ideal volunteers are self directed, able to engage youth, able to build positive relationships with youth and able to set and follow through with boundaries.

Cleaning – 1pm-2pm Monday-Friday. Cleaning is an important piece to helping the BTC operate. As we are a teen center our space gets dirty quick and we always need help keeping up with daily cleaning and maintenance. Tasks include mopping, cleaning the fridge, organizing, sanitizing equipment…etc.  Ideal volunteers are good with organizing, self directed, and thorough.

Cooking – We are always looking for help with providing healthy meals to teens. We have several great resources for food shopping with the Hunger Mountain Coop and Shaws close by the teen center. Every Friday night we cook a meal for anywhere from 1 – 20 youth. We also provide food during drop in hours throughout the week and are looking for support trying to bring positive change the eating habits of teens. Ideal volunteers are able to engage youth and have a passion for healthy food.

Special Events – The BTC is always in need of volunteers to help support special events. Volunteers to help with putting together open houses, community outreach, workshops including photography, theatre, filmmaking and video game design, fundraisers, fitness programs and more. Ideal candidates are passionate about bringing positive change to youth in Vermont, have good organizational skills and able to engage youth.

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