Meet the Basement Trolls!

Paul Eley, Boss-man and Resident Magician Born as the illegitimate heir to the Dragon Throne, Paul Eley was the offspring of a rare albino she-wolf and the king of all Emperor Penguins.  This curious blend has gifted him with a wolf-pack mentality of teamwork, sharing, and taste for venison, as well as the male penguins' … Continue reading Meet the Basement Trolls!


What The Heck Is Up With This Website?

Howdy folks! I doubt it, but some of you may be wondering what the heck is up with this website. 'Why are the updates so infrequent?' 'Why is so much of the information outdated?' The people want to know!!! (Hi people... Are you out there?) Well, if you're listening, I'm here to tell you! There's … Continue reading What The Heck Is Up With This Website?