The Amazing Race is Coming!

Holy cow, holy cow, holy cow.  Holy cow.  The Amazing Race is almost here!  June 25th.  That’s how close it is! I can smell the fun, the adrenaline, the brains working to complete team challenges.  It’s gonna be good.  But wait! Before you run out the door to tell everyone, sign up a team!  Teams of four run around Mont P and do various challenges, mostly mental, some physical but all do-able by everyone.  So ask your family, teachers, friends, enemies, heck ask the next person you see to be on your team. I’ve seen many people having fun doing the Amazing Race and literally no one not having fun, so it’s pretty much guaranteed.  Learn more about it here! And learn even more about it here!  Here’s some pictures of people having fun, in case you didn’t believe me.


Tears of joy, I promise.


Look, fun for everyone!