CHOPPED! Soap and Latkes.

We have started a new program at the BTC! One of our teens suggested we do a cooking challenge similar to the TV show Chopped! Kayla took hold of the idea and has been running a cooking challenge for the teens who wish to participate once a week on Thursday. Four ingredients are put on the table in front of each teen (or team of teens), and they must incorporate each of the ingredients in their meal, snack, or dessert. IMG_6049


The first week went very well with lots of wonderful recipes! The teens aren’t afraid to experiment with cooking which makes it all the more fun. They come up with unique ways to put food together and still make it taste good! Our first week, the teens had avocados, pineapple, broccoli, and pretzels to work with.
All of the teens worked hard to incorporate each ingredient, so much so that the judges couldn’t decide who actually won. Isaiah won the weekly challenge by using kale from the garden outside of the BTC and incorporating it in a salad with the Chopped ingredients and making a zesty citrus vinaigrette with the pineapple.


The second week of Chopped! went exceedingly well too!
IMG_6580 The teens had to
utilize four ingredients within the teen center, not including spices or ready-made meals such as mac and cheese. IMG_7560Emery cooked a glorious breakfast spread of over-easy eggs, sausage, onions, and potatoes. Isaiah made an interesting applesauce concoction along with a combination of chicken, eggs, peanut butter, and brown sugar.
Rachael drove us home with her raspberry-filled cupcakes, winning the weekly challenge!



IMG_7743Our superstar volunteer, Robin, has been busy with the teens down at the BTC.
On Monday December 7, she helped us ring in Hanukkah by making two flavors of latkes (a traditional Jewish dish) and educated all of us a little further about the meaning of Hanukkah.
Rachael lit the candles to the sound of the first amendment, and we all smiled at each other with our mouths full of latkes.

IMG_9777Yesterday, Robin brought in ingredients to make soap! The teens got to pick out the scent and the colors they wanted their soap to be.
They got to melt the coconut oil, learn about the dangers of lye, mix everything together, and pour the soap into its form. We are all excited to see how it turns out!


Teensgiving at the BTC

Last week was busy, to say the least. On Monday, many teens pitched in to help Paul and Kayla make four wonderful pies! Makayla and Kayla peeled all of the apples while Paul mixed together a pumpkin concoction, all the while Faith and Megan L. became pro pie crusters! Kayla melted the brown sugar in the microwave, which was supposed to top the apples (note: if brown sugar is harder than a rock and dry, DO NOT add 1/4 cup of water and place in microwave for 25 seconds).pie master

It turned out wonderfully anyway, and Megan has since been named The Pie Master. With the help of Paul and Kayla, Megan constructed four pies, two of which were donated to the community Thanksgiving put on by the Washington County Youth Service Bureau. pie 2

Thanksgiving carried over to Tuesday at the BTC. Kayla and Paul were sweating over a hot stove all day to make a wonderful “Teensgiving” meal for all of the youth who could make it. It included mashed potatoes, Polish broccoli, cheesy carrots, and a roast! roast!

The turn out was more than Paul and Kayla expected, which was amazing to see! They greatly appreciated everyone who came out for the meal and participated in the activities going on in the space. It was great to see everyone’s smiling faces before the holiday! btc thanksgiving 2015