Week of May 11-15

This week is a short one at the BTC due to staff training. Our schedule is:

Monday: Tile Collages

Tuesday:  State House Lawn

Wednesday: Improv Games

Thursday & Friday: CLOSED!

Lately at the BTC

As the school year is winding down, everyone is filled with summer jitters!

Lately at the BTC, we’ve been spending a lot of time outside, from running around the State House lawn, to cornhole, to ultimate ninja, to…a balancing contest on the edge of the garden bed? Actually, it looks pretty fun:


Such concentration.

We’ve also had some fun inside baking, playing cards and pool, and making things such as duct tape wallets. Check it out!


While we tend to stay very busy here, sometimes it’s best just to kick back and relax.


Too cool for school.


We also had the joy of throwing Nick a surprise party last Friday for his LAST FRIDAY NIGHT AT THE BTC (can you believe it?)! It was a ton of fun. The plan was to send Nick to the grocery store to pick up an extensive list of ingredients for Friday night dinner, and while he was gone, decorate and sneak in our friends from the Northfield Teen Center as well as staff from the Washington County Youth Service Bureau. I didn’t get a count of how many people there were, but there must have been close to 30 packed into our humble little teen center! When he came back, everyone popped out, pelted him with balloons, and celebrated! It was a great night, and a fantastic way to give thanks to someone who has dedicated almost 6 years to the BTC.


Here’s a picture from the night! Some NTC/BTC jamming on the lawn!


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