As spring finally melts away the layers of cold winter routines, it seems a creative energy has emerged. Today, I’d like to share some teen center masterpieces!

Colorful Dyed Eggs!

A few weeks ago, we set up an egg-dying station, and the results were some colorful creations that would impress the Easter Bunny himself! We used tape, star stickers, and crayons to create layered effects, textures, and cool designs and text! Check ’em out!

BTC Eggs

Even though the BTC smelled like egg for a week, it was totally worth it.

GIANT Origami

What can you do with a giant roll of paper? Why, make giant origami, of course! Meet the Crane family (I like to call little one “Ben”):


We found that folding giant paper is significantly more difficult than your standard 8.5×11 inch sheet, but produces a significantly more awesome result. So, if you happen to spot a giant paper airplane soaring across the Montpelier sky, don’t worry – you’re not seeing things!  The Basement Teen Center is just at it again.

 Screen Printing at the NTC!

Yesterday, the BTC had the pleasure of taking a field trip to visit our dear friends at the Northfield Teen Center. While some teens were drawn to their foosball table and basketball hoop, others took the opportunity to create their very own designs to print onto shirts! The designs ranged from goofy quotes (such as, “When life gives you lemons, keep them, because, hey, free lemons.”) to birds, to faces – including an awesome caricature of Northfield Teen Center director, James! As you can see, the operation took place on the NTC ping pong table (apologies for the light bleaching out some of the images).


We’ll have six new, original t-shirts to remember a fantastic day at the NTC! Thanks all everyone at the NTC for hosting us!

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