Marching into April

Can you believe it’s almost April (given that it’s snowing outside, I know I can’t)? March has been a great month at the BTC! Some of the highlight include intense games of Times Up (which, if you haven’t played, is a super fun, sometimes frustrating cross of charades and Taboo), perfecting complicated tricks shots like this:


(okay, so maybe not QUITE this one, per se, but some super cool ones, nonetheless), and some delicious homemade bagel-making!


Mmm, complete with poppy seeds and cream cheese!

Tomorrow is teen council, where we’ll generate some ideas for April – calendar soon to come! Hope everyone is looking forward to sunshine, fresh BTC garden veggies, and sports on the Statehouse lawn because they are all just around the corner!


March 16-20th, the luck of the Irish!

March Madness? St. Patty’s Day? Spring Equinox? Take your pick – March is full of fun and celebration. Not to mention, it’s finally warming up, so our doors are open!


This week, at the BTC, we have:

Monday, March 16: Times Up! 2-6pm

Tuesday, March 17: St. Patty’s Day Green Smoothies 2-6pm

Wednesday, March 18: 4:37 2-6pm

Thursday, March 19: Mural Brainstorm 2-6pm

Friday, March 20: Cooking Challenge 3-10pm