It’s that time of year again – that glorious week where, for apparently little to no reason, you get to sleep in, hang out with friends, stay up late, and not worry about homework because SCHOOL IS CLOSED FOR FEBRUARY BREAK!

That’s pretty good news, huh? Well, I have even better news: school may be closed, but THE BTC IS OPEN!

That’s right. We’re open 1-5pm every day this week! Here’s what we’re doing for the week:

Monday, February 23: Mad Science Monday

Tuesday, February 24: Photography

Wednesday, February 25: 4:37

Thursday, February 26: Teen Council + David’s Birthday

Friday, February 27: Board Games


February 17-20

Hello everyone!

This is a little belated, but here is the February calendar!

Feb Calendar

This week is a bit of an odd one at the BTC. We were closed yesterday for President’s Day, and we’re closed tomorrow and Thursday for staff training. Today, Tuesday, we have our final class of PREP! Congrats to the four teens who stuck it out! On Friday, we have improv games, sort of like this one we played a few weeks ago:


Looks fun, right?

Anyway, we’ve been really happy to see so many new faces at the BTC recently, and just want to remind everyone that the pizza deal is still on: bring a new friend to the BTC and get a FREE slice of Positive Pie pizza!

One last announcement: next week, during February break from the 23rd-27th, we are open Monday-Friday from 1-5pm! Come on by!