Welcome back! Hope everyone had a relaxing break and weren’t too lost without your beloved BTC.

We have a few exciting things coming up at the BTC! Starting January 20th, we’re offering a PREP course. PREP stands for the Personal Responsibility Education Program, but in layman’s terms, it’s a sex ed course. Now, why would you wanna take that when you have sex ed in school? I’ll give you a few reasons: 1) it’s taught by Nick and I (Melissa), 2) Free food, and 3) Upon completion, you get $100! Interested now? I thought so. Classes are 4:30-6pm on Tuesdays and Wednesday, but you need to bring in a permission form signed by a guardian if you want to participate, so come pick one up anytime we’re open, or print out the following forms and bring them in!


Prep letter

January 19th is Martin Luther King Junior, which means most schools are out, and the BTC is closed. If you’re thinking, “School’s out and the BTC is closed, what ever will I do?” then you’re in the right place because we have a great opportunity for you! On January 19th, the AmeriCorps team is organizing a community lunch at Christ Church on State Street. If you’d like to help out, come by the church anytime between 9:45 and 12! Or, if you’re unable to make it and still want to help out, come by the BTC this week and bake some desserts and I’ll bring them on Monday.

The last announcement I’ve got for you is an opportunity to participate in Art Walk on February 6th. Art Walk is an event where artists set up galleries in different shops and businesses all over town for a few days, and for next month’s Art Walk, the Washington County Youth Services Bureau is youth and WCYSB staff artwork! We would LOVE to have your art up, so if you’d like to contribute, get your art to Nick or me sometime before February 6th!

Now, without further ado, here’s the January calendar:


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