Is it a totally awesome place for teens to come and hang out and do fun activities?



Oh, hello there. I guess you’re probably wondering what’s going on at the BTC. Well, last week, we played a lot of Contact. If you haven’t played, you should give it a try – it’s  a super fun word game! We also told a healthy dose of riddles, and made some lovely paper snowflake decorations (pics to come soon!).

This week at the BTC is a little wonky because Colleen and I (M&M) have AmeriCorps training, so check out the schedule:

Monday, December 8th: Build Something

Tuesday, December 9th: 4:37

Wednesday, December 10th: Closed 😦

Thursday, December 11th: Ping Pong Tournament with Nick and JAMES

Friday, December 12th: Closed 😦

BY THE WAY, on Wednesday and Friday, if you’re feeling lost and don’t know what to do without us, Nick and James will be at Northfield Teen Center! If you’ve never been, you should check it out!

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