Anyone smell warm, fresh-baked pretzels in the air? Oh wait, those all got gobbled up at last week’s tea time! Last week, we also did some black out poetry, played lots of pool, ping pong, and Nick and I got to teach a classic midwest card game: Euchre! Along with all that, we also had a very special surprise. Meet Lucy, the BTC’s new puppy!


Just kidding – I wish she was the BTC’s! Even though Lucy isn’t the BTC’s, she was a very special surprise on Friday!

This week at the BTC, we have:

Monday, November 17: 4:37

Tuesday, November 18: TEEN COUNCIL

Wednesday, November 19: Create a game!

Thursday, November 20: Closed 😦

REMINDER: Next Tuesday, November 25th is Thanksgiving dinner at the BTC! And Wednesday the 26th and Thursday the 27th are community dinner prep at Bethany Church.

Friday, November 21: Game night

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