Thanksgiving week! November 24-28

Hope you're ready for a food-filled week! But first, some highlights from last week. We had an awesome Teen Council on Tuesday (thanks to everyone who came and gave feedback!), some delicious breakfast for dinner (aka "brinner") on Friday night, and this wacky 4:37 on Monday! Who's up for another round of team spoons? This … Continue reading Thanksgiving week! November 24-28


November 17-21: BPC – Basement Puppy Center

Anyone smell warm, fresh-baked pretzels in the air? Oh wait, those all got gobbled up at last week's tea time! Last week, we also did some black out poetry, played lots of pool, ping pong, and Nick and I got to teach a classic midwest card game: Euchre! Along with all that, we also had … Continue reading November 17-21: BPC – Basement Puppy Center