The Blog is Back in Business!

“Hey, do you know what the Basement Teen Center has been up to?”

“No, let’s check their website!”

“No blog posts since August!?”

“Oh no! What happened to them!?”

“How will we live without know what the BTC is doing!?”


Have no fear – the BTC’s blog is back!

From playing ultimate ninja in the kitchen to ultimate frisbee on the statehouse lawn, October has been loaded with fun activities! And with Halloween quickly approaching, we may have someĀ sweet surprises in store. Check out October’s calendar to see what we’ve been up to for the past month!


As October rolls toward an end, we’re still excited for what this last week has in store! Tomorrow is teen council, where we’ll discuss what activities we’d like for November, and maybe even redesign the furniture in the Basement! Then, get ready for a few days of sweet and spooky treats (and tricks if you’re not careful!).

“Phew, I’m so glad to see what the BTC has been up to!”

“Me too, and it looks AWESOME! I wanna go!”

“Well, why don’t we?”

“Good idea! LET’S GO!”