Another Hike this Week!

Monday: Stay inside day, just chillin'. Tuesday: I've got the runs! Hopefully a little swim after. Wednesday: Hike up Hunger Mountain. Thursday: Baking 🙂 Friday: Tea time, OPEN MIC!! Open from 3-10!!!!


Staying classy at the BTC

MONDAY: played some Bananagrams and recorded some beats TUESDAY: "Ive Got the Runs" running happened (every Tuesday@ noon with the two coolest people ever). PLUS, State Lawn and Grill Out! WEDNESDAY: CLOSED THURSDAY: Gardening and 4:37 FRIDAY: BTC Brunch! (10am-3pm) [Next Week] Thursday--> we're hiking Hunger Mountain! So come by to get a permission'll … Continue reading Staying classy at the BTC