Open Mic This Friday!!!!

Monday:  Closed :(Tuesday:  Prep at 4:30, and possibly photography.Wednesday:  Closed again :(Thursday:  Prep at 4:30, outdoor day and gardening!Friday:  OPEN MIC!! yay!!


Prep Starts Today!

Tuesday:  Photography today with Matt!  Also prep.Wednesday:  Teen Council Today!Thursday:  Prep today, also there is an Art Day!Friday:  Closed Today :(*  Prep will run from 4:30 to 6:00  *


Monday:  Egyptian shall be played, and there will be a 4:37. Tuesday:  Minute to Win it Challenges. Wednesday:  Music with Sienna, and possibly loopy. Thursday:  Baking! Friday:  Trivia Night!  Everyone stay to play!  Tea time at 4:30.