Midnight Friday!!

Monday:  Outdoor games if it is warm enough, which unfortunately it is not. :(Tuesday:  Photography with Matt Hogan again!Wednesday:  Teen council that starts at 4:30.  Sienna will also come in to jam! (music)Thursday:  Baking thursday!!!  We may have yoga at 5:30Friday:  Teatime at 4:30.  We're going to be open until Midnight for all of those … Continue reading Midnight Friday!!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Monday:  Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!  Bracket Day!  Come in to create an awesome brackets four March Madness!Tuesday:  Tourney Tuesday with Ping Pong!  Photography with Matt Hogan.Wednesday:  We close at 5 today... 😦   Sienna will also come in to work with teens playing music.Thursday:  4:37 thursday!  Friday:  Open from *3-10* on friday, but these times … Continue reading Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!