Fun in the Snow!

Tuesday:  4:37 today!!  We will be playing an awesome activity.

Wednesday:  Jammin’ (playing music) and Jam Making (like jelly)!

Thursday:  Baking and Star Wars snowflakes!

Friday:  We are going to watch ELF!  We’re going to project it on the wall, and it will be great!

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**We are going to be closed all of vacation**


Getting Frigid Out!!

Tuesday:  Today is Tourney Tuesday!!  The Tournament for today is Spit! Bring your fast reactions and sleight of hand skill.

Wednesday:  Closed 😦

Thursday:  Baking with James and Nick, we’re gonna make you all “Holla” for Holla Bread!

Friday:  Holiday Party and Trivia Mania Night!!! The party will include a photobooth, and cookie decorations! 

Back from Break!

Monday:  Huge team rock, paper, scissor– Giant, Wizard, Elf!

Tuesday:  New Minute Challenges to attempt and conquer!! 

Wednesday:  4:37, and some other various games!

Thursday:  Mindful photography with Molly!  Also, there will be baking for tea time.

Friday:  There will be tea time at 4:30, and there is a possible Flashlight Tag!!  *BRING WARM CLOTHES*