Photography in Town

Starting November 5th, a professional photographer, Matt Hogan will come in every Tuesday through November at 3:00 p.m.  He's a gnarly photographer, so check out his website!!!  The link is below:!/index


Halloween Activities!!!

Monday:  We're going to play some Dominion!!!! Also there will be a 4:37 at guess what time....Tuesday:  Pumpkin Carving Day!! Come in with some good ideas!Wednesday:  Art day will include decorating the BTC for Halloween!! We will also bake some treats.Thursday:  HALLOWEEN!! There will be a ton of activities including face painting, a photo booth, … Continue reading Halloween Activities!!!

Wicked-Awesome Wednesday!

so, here's the belated lo-down on this week: Monday: we had a sweet 4:37, Bodyguard...which may become a regular game Tuesday: Tourney Tuesday commenced with Cornhole tournament...I request a re-match! Wednesday: We are leaving for the CAPITOLLLLLLL!!!!!! SOCCER AND MORE, come over...NOW. Thursday: Wellllllll im thinking Baking and NINJA Friday first TRIVIA Everrrrrr!!!!!!!! and Tea … Continue reading Wicked-Awesome Wednesday!