Jam Packed full of Activities!

Monday:  Today, we'll chill out and play games!Tuesday:  Get ready for an EPIC 4:37 called Pipeline!Wednesday:  Nick the music mentor may come into play some music, but we'll also play some more games.Thursday:  Chill out day, have fun.Friday:  FINALLY! RUBE GOLDBERG DAY GET READY WITH SOME IDEAS, WE'LL PUT THOSE BRAINS TO WORK.


We are closed Friday :(

Tuesday:  Come on in to play some games!  We're playing Mario Kart, and we're also gonna play an EPIC game of Dominion!!Wednesday:  The music mentor may or may not come in, but either way, we could jam out!Thursday:  Nothing specific, but we could always make...a...wait for it......RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINE!!! WE WILL MAKE TIME. Friday:  Closed 😦 … Continue reading We are closed Friday 😦