Sara and Casey’s last week!

Monday:  Nothing specific, just hanging out.  We may also do a 4:37!

Tuesday:  We will have a ticket to ride day!! Or go to the statehouse if its nice out.

Wednesday:  We will be opening up at 2:00 and closing at 6:00., as well as the takedown of the bully project posters.  

Thursday:  We will be open from 3:00 to 6:00, and we will play some board games.

Friday:  Starting with ice cream sundaes, we will then have an outside picnic, and lots of fun celebrating Sara and Casey’s last day!!! BE HERE!  ITS GONNA BE AWESOME!  


Kick-Off Barbeque on Friday!!

Monday:  We were closed this day 😦

Tuesday:  Gardening with Sara as well as just hanging out!

Wednesday:  Music mentoring with Nick, so jam out!

Thursday:  Nothing specific, maybe we’ll play some awesome board games.

Friday:  We will be having a Barbeque for the start of school….(sigh).  It will be fun though, and we will be open from 2-7!!

Check out this awesome music made by Mike Harris at the BTC today!


Also..There are still spots for our FREE trip to Six Flags this Thursday August 15th!  Come to the BTC asap to pick up your permission slip!

Monday:  Gardening, there are cherry tomatoes to pick and weeds to weed!

Tuesday:  We will be “Hanging out”, dominion?  Ticket?  Your choice!

Wednesday: Open @ 2!

Thursday: SIX FLAGS TRIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP be at the BTC at 8am, don’t be late!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOO

Friday: Closed 😦 we are celebrating Battle of Bennington day, you should too!

We’re all done with Prep. for now!!

For announcements, we will be taking a trip to six flags in MA, so pick up a permission slip down at the BTC before they are all gone, they are running low!

Monday:  Open from 1-5, we played a Settlers expansion pack and I (kevin) won!  It was pretty fun and we’ll play more of it if more people are interested in playing.

Tuesday:  Since there is no more prep, we will begin to open 1-5 again.  Come down and make some smoothies!!  YAY!!

Wednesday:  Music mentoring with Nick!  Come on down and jam out, as well as having garden to table!

Thursday:  We’re going to try to go the the rec. center to play some basketball, it’ll be AWESOME!!

Friday:  Its a chill out day, we’ll play some games and make a good dinner!  Also, we’ll make a Rube Goldberg machine!!