Hey everyone! Welcome back from a three day

Hey everyone! Welcome back from a three day weekend!

Tuesday:  Photo workshop and Bully project with Ned and Tomas.

Wednesday:  Music mentoring with Nick! Come on in to jam!

Thursday:  Nothing specifically planned, but you can come in to help Sara with the garden.

Friday:  We will be open until 10:00, and its my (Kevin) birthday, and as teen coordinator, I have plenty of activities planned! Come on in and have some fun and a nice dinner!  


Rainy Days at the BTC

When the forecast says rain we all know that there is no better place to be than the BTC.  We have some days we are going to be closed in the upcoming week, so remember to check our facebook page to see if we are open!

If you were bummed that you didn’t get into PREP class, we are starting our next round and there will be 10 open spots!  Complete all of the classes and earn $100!  Ask Sarah or Nick for more information!

Monday: There will be cinnamon rolls with leftover dough from Friday!  Open until 5!  

Tuesday: Open until 4:30!  Ned will be stopping by to work on the Bullying Awareness photo project, so make sure you don’t miss it!  

Wednesday: Ticket to Ride Anyone?  

Thursday- next Monday: Closed 😦

See you next Tuesday!


Hello everyone again!  Welcome back to a slightly colder week than last, unfortunately.

Monday:  Nothing specific, just come in to hang out.

Tuesday:  Photo workshop and bully project with Ned!  Open till 4:30, because prep starts at 4:30.

Wednesday:  Music mentor, so come in and jam out!  Also, work in the garden with Sara!

Thursday:  We will be going out to do some interviews for the bully project.

Friday:  We will be open until 10:00, and have an awesome dinner, and open mic night!

Finally, the Basement Amazing Race will take place on June 29th, so come in to make your teams and raise some money for the race!!  www.crowdrise.com/basementteencenter     –  For more information, check out this website!


Sunshine, frisbee and all good things!

I Hope you are all enjoying this summer weather as much as we are at the BTC!  If you are feeling hot, remember that the Basement is always a cool place to escape the sun, it is a basement after all.  This week we have lots of fun things going on at the BTC so make sure you come down and check it out!  

The BTC is also starting a Lake Monsters ticket selling fundraiser, the game is Friday June 21st and tickets are $6.00 come down to the BTC to pick up a selling packet and sell some tickets to your friends and family to raise money for the BTC to continue to be a great place to hang out and drink Capri Suns!

Monday:  This day already happened because I am late to update the blog, but it was a great day!  

Tuesday:  Come relax after a long day of Knee Caps, BTC will close to everyone outside of PREP at 4:30.

Wednesday:  Teen Council at 4:30! You know what this means, pizza for your thoughts!  Lots of announcements and decisions, be a part of making the BTC a place that you love to come to!

Thursday: Working on the Bullying Awareness Project, come join in on what is going to be an awesome photo/audio project with a great message!

Friday:  Open from 3-6:30 this Friday, sorry no late night BUT there will be a delicious dinner as always!