Welcome back from vacation everybody, hope you all

Welcome back from vacation everybody, hope you all had a good one.  Here is the schedule for this week:

Monday:  Photo with Ned, and we will also be continuing with the bully project.

Tuesday:  We will be open from 2:00-4:30.  At 4:30, prep will start so all who attend, come!

Wednesday:  We will be going to the state house to play some Ultimate Frisbee!

Thursday:  Come in to help garden with Sara!  Other than that, nothing is specifically planned.

Friday:  We will be open from 3:00-10:00 and have an open music/jam night.  It won’t specifically be an open mic, but we will jam out and it’ll be fun!


Happy Vacation!

It’s VACATION week ya’ll!  That means the BTC will be open 1-5pm all week for all of your fun having needs.

*PREP is cancelled for Tuesday and will resume next Tuesday (4/30)

Monday: Come work on the anti-bullying photo project with our photo mentor, Ned!

Tuesday: PREP is cancelled for vaca.  Let’s get a game of ultimate going on the state house lawn!

Wednesday: Music mentor jam time with Nick!

Thursday: Smoothie day!  You know you miss it…

Friday: No late night this Friday, but there is still plenty of time for all of your favorite Friday activities!

Hey everyone!! Come in this week of nice weather for some fun activities.

Monday:  Photo with Ned, come in to go out and take pictures in the nice weather!

Tuesday:  Come in to chill until 4:30, because thats when prep will start.

Wednesday:  Play some music with the music mentor Nick!

Thursday:  Nothing specifically planned, just come in to chill out.

Friday:  We will have kettle bells at Studio Zenith at 4:15.  After that, we will have dinner, then guys night will start, so come in and participate in some sweet activities guys!! 

Hey everyone! Its Kevin again, come on in this week to do some fun activities, and enjoy the warm weather!

Monday:  Come in to play some frisbee outside and just chill out.

Tuesday:  Come in to participate in the photo project with Ned at 3:00. Prep will start at 4:30.

Wednesday:  Music mentoring with Nick, come on in and jam!

Thursday:  Just come in and chill, nothing specifically structured.

Friday:  We are open from 3:00 to 10:00, so come in and play some games and have fun!

Hey, it’s Kevin!

Hey everyone!  I’m Kevin, the new teen coordinator here at the Basement!  I will be making the blog posts from now on.  Come on in this week!

Monday:  Photo with Ned, come in and share some ideas!

Tuesday:  Going to get the garden out front started for the summer.

Wednesday:  Music mentoring with Nick!

Thursday:  No plans exactly, but come in to play some games!

Friday:  Open from 3-10.  At 4:15 we are going to Studio Zenith for a workout, then we will have dinner.  There will also be release forms for Studio Zenith here at the Basement!  Starting at 7:00, the basement will be closed off to guys and girls night will be until 10:00.