Happy Monday!  This week we would like to say a special thank you to our wonderful teen coordinator Tomas.  This is Tomas’ last week as the teen coordinator at the BTC and we could not be more thankful for everything that Tomas has helped us with this past year.  From welcoming you to the BTC, playing great music, washing dishes to helping to organize the awesome events that you love, we all have something to thank Tomas for this week!  We are also excited to welcome our new teen coordinator, which you will hear an announcement about soon!

In other news, there is so much fun stuff going on at the BTC this week, including Open Mic Night Friday!

Monday: Soak up the sun and take some awesome photos with Ned around town!

Tuesday: BTC will be opening a little late today, at 3 and will be closing to everyone not in the PREP program at 4:30.  Still plenty of time to grab some popcorn and play a game of pool.

Wednesday: Jam out with everyone’s favorite music mentor, Nick!

Thursday: Thank you Tomas day!  If you have something to thank Tomas for, this is the day..also there will most definitely be cake.

Friday: Open 3-10!  Open Mic Night! Come perform and listen to your friends!  If that isn’t enough reason to be at the BTC, there’s more…there will be a special guest in this house!

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