Do you all love having the extra hour of light?  It has been so nice out, I am thinking Spring is here!  Something tells me that I shouldn’t get too excited…however, there are lots of things to be excited about at the BTC this week!  Starting this Friday, the BTC will be heading across the street to Studio Zenith for Kettlebell weightlifting classes, if this sounds cool to you then come down to the BTC to pick up a permission slip!

Monday: Ned is back!  Our friendly photography mentor will be at the BTC today to help ya’ll take some awesome pictures, and it’s the perfect weather to explore downtown with a camera in hand.

Tuesday: PREP begins!  For everyone that signed up for our sexual education program, PREP, classes begin today at 4:30.  For everyone who is not signed-up for this awesome program, the BTC will be open from 2:30-4:30.

Wednesday: Music mentor with Nick!  Come down and practice your guitar skills or jam out on the keyboard

Thursday: BTC closed 😦

Friday: Open 3-10!  This Friday we will be going on a BTC field trip across the street to Studio Zenith for a kettlebell weightlifting class from 4:15-5:15.  It is going to be awesome and if you want to participate come down to the Basement and grab a permission slip!  After kettlebell there will be dinner at the BTC!

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