Thank you Tomas!

Happy Monday!  This week we would like to say a special thank you to our wonderful teen coordinator Tomas.  This is Tomas’ last week as the teen coordinator at the BTC and we could not be more thankful for everything that Tomas has helped us with this past year.  From welcoming you to the BTC, playing great music, washing dishes to helping to organize the awesome events that you love, we all have something to thank Tomas for this week!  We are also excited to welcome our new teen coordinator, which you will hear an announcement about soon!

In other news, there is so much fun stuff going on at the BTC this week, including Open Mic Night Friday!

Monday: Soak up the sun and take some awesome photos with Ned around town!

Tuesday: BTC will be opening a little late today, at 3 and will be closing to everyone not in the PREP program at 4:30.  Still plenty of time to grab some popcorn and play a game of pool.

Wednesday: Jam out with everyone’s favorite music mentor, Nick!

Thursday: Thank you Tomas day!  If you have something to thank Tomas for, this is the day..also there will most definitely be cake.

Friday: Open 3-10!  Open Mic Night! Come perform and listen to your friends!  If that isn’t enough reason to be at the BTC, there’s more…there will be a special guest in this house!


Spring fever!

Do you all love having the extra hour of light?  It has been so nice out, I am thinking Spring is here!  Something tells me that I shouldn’t get too excited…however, there are lots of things to be excited about at the BTC this week!  Starting this Friday, the BTC will be heading across the street to Studio Zenith for Kettlebell weightlifting classes, if this sounds cool to you then come down to the BTC to pick up a permission slip!

Monday: Ned is back!  Our friendly photography mentor will be at the BTC today to help ya’ll take some awesome pictures, and it’s the perfect weather to explore downtown with a camera in hand.

Tuesday: PREP begins!  For everyone that signed up for our sexual education program, PREP, classes begin today at 4:30.  For everyone who is not signed-up for this awesome program, the BTC will be open from 2:30-4:30.

Wednesday: Music mentor with Nick!  Come down and practice your guitar skills or jam out on the keyboard

Thursday: BTC closed 😦

Friday: Open 3-10!  This Friday we will be going on a BTC field trip across the street to Studio Zenith for a kettlebell weightlifting class from 4:15-5:15.  It is going to be awesome and if you want to participate come down to the Basement and grab a permission slip!  After kettlebell there will be dinner at the BTC!

In like a Lion out like a Lamb…

I don’t know about you guys but I’m glad it’s March, it just fills me with hope for Spring!  It seems so wintery out still, but can you believe this month we will get to start planting the teen center garden? (Inside of course).

March is a big month at the BTC, so don’t miss out on any of the cool things going on!  As many of you know, we will be starting a sexual education program at the BTC on Tuesdays starting March 12 from 4:30-6.  Participants will get $100 for completing 8 classes!  There are a limited number of spots and we need signed permission slips, so come down to the BTC to pick one up or hear more about the program!

Monday: Last day of being open 1-5, come hang out and play some board games!

Tuesday: BTC closed for town meeting day! Anyone going to town meeting? It is a great opportunity to be civically engaged and have your opinions heard!

Wednesday: Music mentor Nick will be at the BTC! Time to learn that instrument you’ve been eyeing on the BTC wall..

Thursday: Special Guest JZ will be at the BTC, 4:37 anyone? Get excited!

Friday: *Note: Open 3-6!  Sorry no late night but you should still come have fun with some awesome people!