If you weren’t at teen council last week you may be asking yourself what’s up at the BTC?

 The answer is, a lot!  

Right now at the BTC we have a photography program every Monday with Ned Castle, Music Mentor every Wednesday with Nick the music mentor, Open Mic Night coming up on Feb 22, applications are out for the teen coordinator position, PREP the sexual education program will be kicking off in March and so so much more, including building Rube Goldberg machines, jumping in snow piles and playing lots and lots of poop head!   If any of these things sound interesting to you make sure you drop by the BTC to talk to Nick or Sarah about getting involved!


Monday:  Photo with Ned.  This week Ned will be going over the basics with the cameras including control focus, exposure and Blurrrrrrrriness..sounds cool!

Tuesday: Ticket to Ride Europe! I don’t know about you but I miss playing this game, so let’s bring it back out!

Wednesday: Music Mentor with Nick! Get your jam on..

Thursday:  Cook something awesome!  I’m thinking homemade hummus and pita chips..what do you think?

Friday: Open 3-10!  Nick wants to make a music video, are you down?  Also there will be a very delicious dinner!  

*Reminder: teen coordinator position applications are due Feb 22!  If this position interests you come get an application at the BTC*

Photo Reflection


Photo taken by Tomas of downtown Montpelier during photo Mondays at the Basement with Ned the photo mentor

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