For all of you looking for a job, the best job may be here at the teen center!  The BTC is currently undergoing the annual search for a teen coordinator.  The teen coordinator helps out at the Basement 10 hours a week with jobs like cleaning, grocery shopping and assisting Nick and Sarah with day to day tasks.  The teen coordinator should also be a role model and welcoming face for all other teens and have a positive influence on the teen center space.  If this sounds interesting come on down to the BTC and get some more information and pick up an application; if you are doing something you love, it actually doesn’t feel like work at all!

In other news, TEEN COUNCIL this Tuesday, which means FREE PIZZA and most importantly, having a say in what goes on at the BTC!

Monday: Photo with Ned! Soak up some winter sun and take some awesome photos!

Tuesday: Teen Council!  Free Pizza! 4:30 pm

Wednesday: BTC CLOSED 😦

Thursday: Jam out!  Since the BTC will be closed on Wednesday during the usual music mentor time, we will all be having some jam time today!

Friday: Comedy Night! Laughing is a great way to improve your health!  Watch some funny shows, do some improv and make each other laugh!  As always, a free delicious dinner and open 3-10pm

Photo Reflection


Photo: Nick, Kevin and Charlie building a Rube Goldberg Machine on Friday which was a huge success and only took 22 attempts!  A Rube Goldberg Machine is a contraption that performs a very simple task in a very complex fashion.  Our Rube Goldberg Machine performed the task of clicking play on the song “We are the Champions” and included a lot of Swiss Miss boxes acting as dominos.  In the end, we could barely hear the song over all of our happy screaming!  Good job everyone!

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