Happy New Year everyone! We are excited to be back at the teen center and hope you are all happy to be back too!  Our New Years Resolution is to make sure lots of awesome things happen at the BTC this year and we are off to a running start this week!  

Monday: Photo mentor Ned will be at the BTC to discuss doing a photo project, if you love taking photos or are interested in getting started, this is a great opportunity!  Also, there will be a Voices of Montpelier interview at 4:30 if you would like to be involved in this awesome project and interview/be interviewed by a senior in Montpelier.

Tuesday: Blender day! Come in and blend up your favorite snack, smoothies, hummus AND pita chips sound good to me!

Wednesday: Get your jam on with music mentor Nick! Also, we will be having TEEN COUNCIL at 4:30, we know you have missed teen councils so make sure you show up for some FREE PIZZA and make your voice heard at the BTC 

Thursday: Photo challenge! Come down to the Basement to grab a camera and accept your challenge..

Friday: Open 3-10! Bring your friends, have a delicious dinner, hang out, play some pool- the choices are endless!


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