Hey Everyone! Thanks to all who came out to the community dinner at the senior center on Friday, it was awesome!  For anyone who didn’t get to come and would like to be involved in interviewing/being interviewed by seniors, there will be many opportunities in the upcoming weeks.

This week will be art filled, whatever medium you’re into we will have it at the BTC this week, culminating in a big finale on Friday- ART WALK!  That’s right, the BTC will be an official Art Walk station, meaning that it will be a great opportunity for all of you to show your awesome work.

Monday: Photo with Ned! Our new photo mentor, Ned, will be at the Basement beginning today and on Mondays in the future to help ya’ll create a rad photo project!

Tuesday: Art Walk Workshop Day 1- Create art, take photos, print your work, help design the exhibit!

Wednesday: Music Mentor Nick will be at the BTC for a jam session.  Also there are some seniors for the Voices of Montpelier project that would like to have an interview with some teens if any of you are interested!  

Thursday: Art Walk Workshop Day 2- Set-up for Art Walk, printing and hanging your awesome work.  It’s not too late to take some photos and get your perspective on the wall!

Friday: Open 3-10! Art Walk goes from 4-8 and there will be a Pizza Fairy stopping by to deliver pizza from Heidi’s new restaurant, The Blue Stone.  Trust me, it’s awesome pizza and you don’t want to miss it!

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