We hope you all had a great long weekend!  The good news is that Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be over at the Basement, since we have LEFTOVERS!  Last week’s Thanksgiving dinner at the Basement was epic, if you didn’t get to eat it the first time around you can check out the fridge to see what is still there.

*Also, our hours will be changing a little bit.  From here on out: Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays we will be open 3pm-6pm, Tuesdays from 2-6pm and Fridays 3pm-10pm!

Monday:  Come check out the audio equipment we will be using as part of the Voices of Montpelier project, Sarah Adelman will be at the BTC to answer all of your questions.

Tuesday:  Art Walk is approaching! Take out the cameras to make sure you get some of your work shown on the walls!

Wednesday: Teen Council, Music Mentor and more!  This Wednesday we will have a lot going on at the BTC, Nick will be down to jam out, teen council will begin at 4:30pm and Sarah Adelman will be back at the BTC to show everyone how to use the audio equipment for the Voices of Montpelier project.

Thursday: Movember is almost over!  Time to take our last pictures of Nick’s mustache to see how far it has come in just 4 short weeks!  Who hopes that he will keep it?

Friday: Open 3-10!  We will be making an awesome dinner to share with the seniors at the Montpelier Senior Center to kick off the Voices of Montpelier Project, don’t miss out!

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