This is a big week at the Basement culminating in OPEN MIC night on Friday!  Whether you just want to listen, eat pizza or have something to perform, sing, dance, rap, read, you won’t want to miss this Friday!

MONDAY: Mitch’s Kitchen! Also, Bagitos just donated their weekly bagels, so bagel chips are in order!

TUESDAY: Basement Community Service Day, come help rip out the garden and get the ground ready for winter.

WEDNESDAY: Swiss Miss Soiree! Come to the Basement for a hot cocoa buffet and as many marshmallows as you can eat..

THURSDAY: Let’s take a walk to Woodbury Toys for some new fun things around the Basement, make sure you get to help pick it out

FRIDAY: Open Mic Night and Pizza! Open 3-10, Open Mic begins at 8.

**Keep your EYES PEELED for a permission slip to go Apple Picking next week!**

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