Monday Funday!

Got a case of the Mondays?  We will help you get over them with a photo challenge and some hot cocoa!

Tuesday: we will be making duct tape flip flops for those of you who like to wear flip flops all the way into Fall

Wednesday: Nick the music mentor will be at the Basement to answer all of your music questions or for a jam session

Thursday: Bringing back the smoothies to the Basement, you know you want some!

Friday: Open 3-10! As always, dinner and FUN


This week at the Basement…

If you haven’t been down to the Basement in a while or even if you have this week is a great week to drop by and hang out,  the weather is nice and the freezer is full of lasagna!

Monday: Let’s get outside and throw the frisbee around..  Also, Nick is here for everyone who has been waiting to go up against him at ping-pong.

Tuesday: An intense game of Time’s Up Take Over will be taking place today, you know you want in.

Wednesday: Our music mentor Nick will be in the Basement for a jam session.

Thursday: We are breaking out some clay for an afternoon of claymation, Heidi will be showing us how it’s done!

Friday: BTC open from 3:00-10:00, there will be dinner (tell us what you want!) and peace flag making in honor of the International Day of Peace

See ya!

We love Fall Weather!

It’s a great week to be at the Basement, Fall is in the air and it feels awesome!  Check out what we have going on this week:

Tuesday: Frisbee anyone? Lets hang out outside!

Wednesday: Nick (music mentor) will be at the basement to jam out with you

Thursday: Up 2 You Day, the options are endless…

Friday:  At your request, dinner at the Basement will be Lasagna this week, should be delicious! Open from 3:00-10:00 pm.

Back To School

This week at the Basement is all about re-acclimating.  With the start of school comes changes in schedules, activities, and responsibilities so the basement will be sponsoring a series of “chill” out days this week.

Tuesday: board games and popcorn

Wednesday: jam with our visiting music mentor

Thursday: house made garden fresh salsa

Friday Night Dinner- Open 3:00 till 10:00