This week marks the beginning of August, but there is still plenty of summer left, and plenty of fun left to be had at the Basement..


Monday- Check out the photography equipment with Tyler, we got new tripods and a new printer so you can print your photos right here!

Tuesday- Tye-Dye day at the Basement, bring something white to dye!

Wednesday- We will be working in the garden, cherry tomatoes are almost here

Thursday- Documentary day, lots of footage from painting the wall to play around with!

Friday- Movie night at the Basement! We will be projecting a movie onto the wall and eating lots of popcorn.  Dinner will be at 5:00 and the Basement will be open until 7 pm.


If you want to go PAINTBALLING August 9th (it’s free!) come down to the Basement this week and grab your permission slip!

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