This week at the Basement: Tye-Dye, Movies and Microwave Popcorn (we got a working microwave!)

This week marks the beginning of August, but there is still plenty of summer left, and plenty of fun left to be had at the Basement..


Monday- Check out the photography equipment with Tyler, we got new tripods and a new printer so you can print your photos right here!

Tuesday- Tye-Dye day at the Basement, bring something white to dye!

Wednesday- We will be working in the garden, cherry tomatoes are almost here

Thursday- Documentary day, lots of footage from painting the wall to play around with!

Friday- Movie night at the Basement! We will be projecting a movie onto the wall and eating lots of popcorn.  Dinner will be at 5:00 and the Basement will be open until 7 pm.


If you want to go PAINTBALLING August 9th (it’s free!) come down to the Basement this week and grab your permission slip!


Henna tattoos at the Basement!

There are so many reasons to come hang out at the Basement this week, for example henna tattoos and throwing paint balloons!

Tuesday: Heidi has been doing awesome henna tattoos this week, you can come and pick out any design you want!

Wednesday: We will finally be throwing paint balloons at the wall and it’s going to be awesome, you don’t want to miss this!

Thursday and Friday: Check out the new instruments, play video games, ping pong and hang out, let us know what you want for dinner Friday.


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Let’s make some ART!

Hey Everyone!  Hope you all had fun weekends and are ready to come hangout at the Basement with us!

This week we have lots of ARTY stuff going on at the basement!


Monday- Anyone want to eat some bagels? We just picked up a bunch from Bagitos, they are yummy!

Tuesday- Artful Graffiti workshop with Heidi! Ever been interested in how to do graffiti? Today is your day to learn!

Wednesday- Art with it’s okay to play with your food, we encourage it!

Thursday- Short Film Fest

Friday- Screen Printing


Or as always you can come down and eat some free food, play some awesome music, video games or board games or just hang out!

And for anyone who has been missing pizzas at the Basement we are going to be getting ingredients for pizzas, so come anytime and show us your pizza making skills.

it’s time to PAINT THE WALL!

If you haven’t been to the Basement in a while, it’s time to come visit! We have a really FUN line up of events this week, including painting the wall in the basement with PAINT BALLOONS and open mic night on Friday, so don’t miss out!

Monday- It’s so sunny out, does anyone want to come down and play Frisbee on the statehouse lawn?

Tuesday- Spoon Assassins is back, come sign up!

Wednesday and Thursday – Throw paint at the wall! It’s gonna be messy (wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on) and awesome!

Friday- Open Mic night from 3:00-10:00!  Come perform, eat good food, listen to your friends, and check out our new awesome music equipment including turn tables and an electric ukelele!

See you soon!

It’s July Already!

Happy Monday!

Can you believe it’s already July? We can’t!  We think you may be getting bored at home, so come on down to the basement to see your friends and hang out!

Monday and Tuesday we will be playing corn hole, come test out your aim!

Wednesday the Basement will be closed for the fourth of July, we hope you all have a fun day.

Thursday work with Tyler on the documentary, we have great Amazing Race footage to work on!

Friday, stay tuned..