Laser Tag on Friday was a blast! We’ll have to do something like that again soon. A big thank you to Rod and Infinite Laser Tag for providing that experience for us.

More details to be added later, but here’s what we have planned for the week thus far.

MONDAY: For all of you who have been wanting to play a game of Risk, today might just be your day. And if that doesn’t pan out, we’ll have a little science project on the back burner for some Mad Science Monday.

TUESDAY: “Turn it Up Tuesday”. The next Basement Open Mic Night is less than two weeks away (June 15th)! Today is the perfect day to begin practicing to get yourself in perfect form!


THURSDAY: Garden day. Tyler will not be here, so someone else will have to take the lead in weeding (stars will be rewarded to volunteers).

FRIDAY: Montpelier Art Walk is happening. Perhaps we’ll do something in conjunction.

And keep in mind, AMAZING RACE is just around the corner! Spots are filling up quick, so make sure you sign up soon! Not only will this be a fun and awesome day, but you will also be entered in to win an iPad!

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