SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The Basement will be closing early on TUESDAY  for the documentary screening and will be closed all of THURSDAY. See below for more info.

This week:

MONDAY will be Mad Science Monday! We’ll have some fun experiments, so be sure that you stop by!


The Basement Teen Center and Main Street Middle School will be showing two youth documentaries at the Savoy Theater in Montpelier! The first will be Main Street Middle School’s Downtown Connection. The second will be the Basement’s documentary that we made last summer. This will be a great opportunity to further community connections while giving us a launching pad for ideas about the video project that we will be doing this Summer at the Basement! The videos will begin at 5:15pm so we will be closing the Basement at 5pm and encourage everyone to head on over to the Savoy at that point!

WEDNESDAY will be an Art Day with Heidi. Stop by the Basement and find out what she has planned.

The Basement will be CLOSED on THURSDAY for staff training.

On FRIDAY, our parent organization, the Washington County Youth Service Bureau, is hosting a silent auction at Capitol Plaza from 6-10pm. In lieu of this event, we will be closing the Basement a 7pm. We still plan on having dinner, so you should still plan on coming to the Basement around 6pm if you’re stomach gets hungry.

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