May might just be my favorite month. It’s usually warm enough to do most outdoor activities, but not too hot or humid; everything is getting nice and green, and you still have all of the summer to look forward to and the threat of major snow is close to nil.

I hope that everyone got to enjoy school vacation last week. The Basement is back to it’s regular hours this week… Well, probably, mostly (I’ll explain below).

MONDAY: Casey will be at the Basement with me (Tyler). It’s a beautiful day out. Perfect for taking pictures! Or making a Spring video.

TUESDAY: “Turn it Up Tuesday!” Music Mentor Nick will be at the Basement from 4-6pm. I think I’m going to try to teach myself a song this week, for real.

WEDNESDAY is Garden Day! We planted some seeds in the ground last week and others are in little starts. Let’s hope we don’t have too many more nights below freezing.

THURSDAY and FRIDAY are up in the air. Nick is away this week and Casey and I have training on Thursday and Friday. We will have people filling in with Heidi, we just don’t know exactly what the hours will be, so keep checking back here or on Facebook later in the week for updates.

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