It’s Spring Break week, so that means that the Basement will be open from 1-5pm Monday-Friday.

It looks like it’s going to be a rainy week, but we’ll have plenty of fun activities for you at the Basement and you’ll be able to stay dry.

MONDAY: Who says rain isn’t a good day to take pictures? It can be dramatic and there is just as much to shoot on a rainy day as there is on a sunny day. Besides, the rain is supposed to end this afternoon and we might get a few peaks of sun.

TUESDAY: “Turn it Up Tuesday!” Music mentor Nick will be at the Basement again. If you have not yet seen his bass skills, you should come check it out. And he’s always more than willing to teach, I know that I’ve learned a thing or two.

WEDNESDAY: We have a video challenge planned, and it will be the first with Heidi. We will post more info on Facebook by Wednesday.

THURSDAY: Garden day! We will have seeds and compost ready to sow our first crops of the year! We would love to have help getting the plotting and planning, but be ready to get a little dirty.

FRIDAY: You Pick Friday! And remember, we will be closing at 5pm instead of 10pm this week.

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