I Love May

May might just be my favorite month. It’s usually warm enough to do most outdoor activities, but not too hot or humid; everything is getting nice and green, and you still have all of the summer to look forward to and the threat of major snow is close to nil.

I hope that everyone got to enjoy school vacation last week. The Basement is back to it’s regular hours this week… Well, probably, mostly (I’ll explain below).

MONDAY: Casey will be at the Basement with me (Tyler). It’s a beautiful day out. Perfect for taking pictures! Or making a Spring video.

TUESDAY: “Turn it Up Tuesday!” Music Mentor Nick will be at the Basement from 4-6pm. I think I’m going to try to teach myself a song this week, for real.

WEDNESDAY is Garden Day! We planted some seeds in the ground last week and others are in little starts. Let’s hope we don’t have too many more nights below freezing.

THURSDAY and FRIDAY are up in the air. Nick is away this week and Casey and I have training on Thursday and Friday. We will have people filling in with Heidi, we just don’t know exactly what the hours will be, so keep checking back here or on Facebook later in the week for updates.


It’s Spring Break! If you’re not out of town, you should come on down to the Basement!

It’s Spring Break week, so that means that the Basement will be open from 1-5pm Monday-Friday.

It looks like it’s going to be a rainy week, but we’ll have plenty of fun activities for you at the Basement and you’ll be able to stay dry.

MONDAY: Who says rain isn’t a good day to take pictures? It can be dramatic and there is just as much to shoot on a rainy day as there is on a sunny day. Besides, the rain is supposed to end this afternoon and we might get a few peaks of sun.

TUESDAY: “Turn it Up Tuesday!” Music mentor Nick will be at the Basement again. If you have not yet seen his bass skills, you should come check it out. And he’s always more than willing to teach, I know that I’ve learned a thing or two.

WEDNESDAY: We have a video challenge planned, and it will be the first with Heidi. We will post more info on Facebook by Wednesday.

THURSDAY: Garden day! We will have seeds and compost ready to sow our first crops of the year! We would love to have help getting the plotting and planning, but be ready to get a little dirty.

FRIDAY: You Pick Friday! And remember, we will be closing at 5pm instead of 10pm this week.

A Taste of Summer, New Staff at the Basement, Teen Council and more!

The week is starting warm and it’s got me itching to get that garden going! Beside that, we have a lot of exciting stuff happening this week!

MONDAY: Prepare that garden for planting. Perhaps we’ll get some Frisbee or Cornhole going, too.

TUESDAY: We welcome Heidi, the new Activities Specialist for the Basement! We’re all very excited to have her on the team and it would be great if we could have a bunch of folks here on Tuesday to welcome her. Also on Tuesday is “Turn it Up Tuesday” with Music Mentor Nick.

WEDNESDAY: Teen Council, that time of the month when you tell us what you want to happen at the Basement in the coming month. And, of course, there will be free pizza.

THURSDAY: Photography workshop. It is also the day of the “Youth of the Year” conference. Because of the conference, we will be closing the Basement at 5pm on Thursday.

FRIDAY: By request, we will be having a Cooking Competition. Anyone who wants to show off their cooking skills, or if you just want to know more about cooking, this Friday will be the night for you. We’ll be preparing for it during the week so talk to Nick, Tyler, or Heidi if you want to know more info.

It looks like a rainy week ahead. What better then to hang out at the Basement?!

ATTENTION: The Basement Teen Center will be closed on WEDNESDAY, April 11!

MONDAY: Mad Science Monday!

TUESDAY: “Turn it Up Tuesday”! This week we’ll have two, yes two, music mentors! Let’s get another good jam going!

WEDNESDAY: The Basement will be closed. Apologies.

THURSDAY: Photography workshop!

FRIDAY: April is the month of the Military Child and this Friday (the 13th!) is “Purple Up for Military Kids” day, so wear any purple that you may have to show support for your peers with family in the military! We will also have dinner and fun activities going on, so you should stop by. We’ll keep y0u up-to-date as we make more definite plans! We had a lot of fun with everyone last Friday. We should do something similar again this Friday!

The Rest of the Week: Video Challenge, Garden Planning, and Pool Tournament!

We played some good music jams on Tuesday! If you missed out this week, be sure to stop by next Tuesday.

For the rest of this week we have some fun stuff planned, too!

WEDNESDAY: Video Challenge: Make a mock sports announcer video. I’ll have more details at the Basement this afternoon.

THURSDAY: We will start planning and plotting the Basement garden. We will have a special guest come down to help us plan and give us information into how to make our garden really successful. Be there to tell us what you want to grow.

FRIDAY: Pool tournament! We’ll have repaired and/or new pool cues! Tell your friends. We’ll be open until 10pm as usual and will be serving dinner between 5:30 and 6pm.