First off, thank you to everyone who voted for us last week at Town Meeting Day! We really appreciate your support and would not be able to have all of the fun and awesome programming without it!

Speaking of fun and exciting programs, we have a lot of fun and exciting stuff planned this week! And seeing that Spring seems to be coming early this year, maybe we’ll even get to go outside and enjoy it!

MONDAY: It really is gorgeous outside today! Let’s take advantage of it by doing some photography. We’ll have all four cameras ready to go along with a prompt, if you would like one, so you can enjoy the day and capture some early signs of Spring or maybe the last vestiges of Winter.

TUESDAY: We’re going to follow up our Monday photography with some video work. Tuesday we will focus primarily on the editing aspect and creating simple special effects. If you want to be really creative, you could use pictures that you take on Monday and integrate them into videos.

WEDNESDAY: Ping Pong Tournament! There’s been some pretty intense skills being crafted on the Ping Pong table recently. Wednesday will be your chance to use them in some fun competition. We’ll have brackets and a prize for the winner. And if Ping Pong is not your taste, we’re planning on getting some new pool cues and holding a pool tournament in the near future.

THURSDAY: It looks like it will be staying warm all week and we are hoping that, by Thursday, the State House lawn will be dry enough for us to get in some early season Frisbee. If we can get enough people, maybe we could even have a little ultimate.

FRIDAY: The Stir Fry last week was delicious. We’ll have something as tasty, if not tastier, this Friday. You can help us plan dinner, learn some cooking skills, or just eat a good meal. After that, we’re going to have a music jam. After 6pm we’ll be able to turn up the speakers and really rock out!

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