I hope that everyone was able to enjoy the beautiful weather this past weekend.  We have more fun planned for this week, but we need some help, too.

Town Meeting Day is fast approaching and we need your help to spread the word about the importance of the Basement Teen Center.  This FRIDAY is Art Walk and we will be giving away free Hot Chocolate as part of it.  We need a couple of volunteers to help us hand them out.  We will be talking more about this throughout the week, but please keep this in mind as Friday approaches.

MONDAY: The return of 4:37! Some of you may remember this activity from the days when Jen was at the Basement. Well, today it comes back! And if you want to know more, be at the Basement today at 4:37pm.

TUESDAY: “Turn it/Tune Up Tuesday!” Music mentor Paul will be at the Basement from 4-6pm (unfortunately, he was unable to make it last week).

WEDNESDAY: Art workshop with Jackie.

THURSDAY: Video challenge.

FRIDAY: Art Walk; Free Hot Cocoa.

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