We are back to regular hours this week.  We moved some stuff around over the weekend.  Tell us what you think of the new arrangement.  It should make pool a bit easier to play without interference.

MANIC MONDAY: Let’s finish up the Stuff the Basement Teens (and Staff) Say video! I’ll have it up on the TV behind the computers so everyone can give their input.

TURN IT UP TUESDAY: Our second week with the new music mentor, Paul!  He’ll have some cool effects petals for the guitar, so stop by and do some shredding.

WEDNESDAY: The Basement will be closed from 4-6pm for Peace Jam slam!  Anyone interested in Peace Jam is welcome to come to learn about it.  We will also have free food!

THURSDAY: Nick has a new game that he is going to bring to the Basement. I don’t know the name, but it sounded pretty fun.

FRIDAY we will have dinner and will be open until 10pm.  Boardgames, movies, music jamming all a possibility.

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