We have some exciting new weekly activities starting this week!

From here for the next couple months, MONDAYs will be devoted to music skill building as part of our Music Mondays.  In the coming weeks we will be recruiting mentors to assist and teach new techniques.  We will also be getting some new and exciting instruments very soon.

TUESDAY: Papier-mache workshop! We will have all the supplies for you to make cool papier-mache sculptures.  And if that doesn’t float you boat, we’ll still have pool, ping pong, video games, and board games for your enjoyment.

WEDNESDAY: Mid-week comedy sketches! Everyone needs a bit of humor.  Stop by the Basement to laugh.  Maybe you’ll even make someone else laugh.

THURSDAY:  Video challenge competition! Winner takes all.  Find out more on Thursday. Or stop by the Basement Teen Center to find out more.

FRIDAY: Dinner and games.  Remember, we’re open until 10pm.  Bring some friends, organize a game. We have plenty of board games, video games and more.

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