Goodbye January, Hello February!

Some fun things to look forward to this week.

MONDAY: Nick will be at the Basement with me (Tyler), today.  He has a game that he wants to try out called “In the Manner of the Word”.

TUESDAY: “Tune In (Turn Up)Tuesday”.  Music mentor Paul will be at the Basement.  He will have a whole bunch of fun and new music equipment that you will be welcome to try out!

WEDNESDAY: Art workshop with Jackie!

THURSDAY is Groundhog Day! Possibly the most boring of all holidays! So I’ll challenge you to make a video about your shadow.  Be creative. Shadows come in many shades and shapes.

FRIDAY: Jackie will be making a special dinner! She’s been talking it up a lot to me.  I’m not going to spoil it for you, so you’re going to have to ask her about it.  And we’ll plan some other fun things, too!


New look at the Basement!

We are back to regular hours this week.  We moved some stuff around over the weekend.  Tell us what you think of the new arrangement.  It should make pool a bit easier to play without interference.

MANIC MONDAY: Let’s finish up the Stuff the Basement Teens (and Staff) Say video! I’ll have it up on the TV behind the computers so everyone can give their input.

TURN IT UP TUESDAY: Our second week with the new music mentor, Paul!  He’ll have some cool effects petals for the guitar, so stop by and do some shredding.

WEDNESDAY: The Basement will be closed from 4-6pm for Peace Jam slam!  Anyone interested in Peace Jam is welcome to come to learn about it.  We will also have free food!

THURSDAY: Nick has a new game that he is going to bring to the Basement. I don’t know the name, but it sounded pretty fun.

FRIDAY we will have dinner and will be open until 10pm.  Boardgames, movies, music jamming all a possibility.

New Music Mentor, Teen Council, Video Challenge, and Movie Friday


Today, TUESDAY, we will have our first music mentor, Paul!  He will be at the Basment from 3 to 5pm today. Stop by to meet him.

WEDNESDAY: Teen Council. Starts at 4pm. We have some important things to discuss, so stop by.  And, as always, we’ll have pizza.

THURSDAY: Jackie and Casey will be running the show and they’ll come up with a fun video challenge for the day.

FRIDAY: Regular hours (3-10pm).  Dinner and then a movie.  We’ll post more later.


New weekly schedule!

We have some exciting new weekly activities starting this week!

From here for the next couple months, MONDAYs will be devoted to music skill building as part of our Music Mondays.  In the coming weeks we will be recruiting mentors to assist and teach new techniques.  We will also be getting some new and exciting instruments very soon.

TUESDAY: Papier-mache workshop! We will have all the supplies for you to make cool papier-mache sculptures.  And if that doesn’t float you boat, we’ll still have pool, ping pong, video games, and board games for your enjoyment.

WEDNESDAY: Mid-week comedy sketches! Everyone needs a bit of humor.  Stop by the Basement to laugh.  Maybe you’ll even make someone else laugh.

THURSDAY:  Video challenge competition! Winner takes all.  Find out more on Thursday. Or stop by the Basement Teen Center to find out more.

FRIDAY: Dinner and games.  Remember, we’re open until 10pm.  Bring some friends, organize a game. We have plenty of board games, video games and more.

And we’re back!

Happy New Year!  Starting today, the Basement is back open!  Regular hours: 2-6pm Monday – Thursday, 3-10pm Friday.

TUESDAY: Jackie’s back!  Stop by and enjoy some games.  Make a sandwich. Have some juice.

WEDNESDAY: Video challenge! We will have a challenge for you when you get here at 3pm.  You’ll have until 5:30pm to shoot and edit your video.

THURSDAY: Jackie will be holding a papier-mache workshop!  We’ll be making all sorts of fun things, so stop by.

FRIDAY: What would be a good way to spend a cold January night? Dinner and a movie? Let us know what movie you might like to watch.