I hope everyone had a good weekend.  We are going to have another short week this week because the Basement will be closed on FRIDAY in lieu of Veteran’s Day.  But we have four days before that happens!

TODAY we will be open for whatever you want to do: U-Pick day!

TUESDAY, Jackie will be doing some cool art workshops.  Stop by to find out more.

WEDNESDAY will be the final attempt to start SPOON ASSASSINS this month.  If you are signed up or want to play, be at the Basement at 4:30pm and we will try to get this thing going.  We will also be doing a special WEDNESDAY dinner this WEDNESDAY.  After the Basement closes on Wednesday, we have to present in front of City Hall.  If anyone would like to come along, to help represent the Basement and tell the City Council what the Basement means to you, we would love to have you come along.  Ask Jackie, Nick, or Tyler to find out more info.

THURSDAY I (Tyler) will be continuing the Fall Short Film Project.  I have a couple new ideas that I think should make the whole thing run more smoothly.  Be at the Basement at 3:30pm so we can get started.

And, girls, don’t forget to mark next FRIDAY, Nov. 18, in your calendar for Girls’ Night.

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