We had some really cool looking commercials being created last week.  Let’s keep that going!  Keep working on your commercial, or, if you have not started one, stop by the Basement and we will set you up!

At 4pm we will be starting a game of cornhole.  Come down if you’re interested.  If you have no idea what cornhole is, it is kind of similar to horseshoes, but with bean bags and wood boxes with holes in them (see picture below).

Tomorrow, I (Tyler) will be posting a new challenge on Facebook.  Check tomorrow morning to find out what that is.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will be up to Jackie and Nick as I will be at VYDC training.  I know that they’ve got some awesome stuff planned, so stay tuned to the blog and facebook for updates on the rest of the week.

And don’t forget to keep thinking of ideas for a short film!  I really liked the Emily’s bridge one, maybe we can expand on that!  Remember, we’ll have a meeting next Thursday, October 6, for anyone interested about that project.

Also, we will be closing the Basement at 5:30 Today through Thursday.  Friday we will be open until 10pm.

And another reminder, Next Friday, October 7, we will be re-showing the documentary from this summer at the Basement at 6:30pm!  Friends and family are welcomed and encouraged.

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