Well, summer’s over and school has begun; Vermont has been flooded, and Jen is gone. 😦

But it’s not all bad news.  The Basement Teen Center is still here and it will be open for you Monday thru Friday, after school, from 3-6pm and 3-10pm on Fridays.

This week we have a lot of exciting stuff to get the school-year off to a great start.

First off, today we begin the Community Sketchbook project.  Jackie has designed a sketchbook to be passed around town for whomever has it to write, draw or paint in it whatever they want.  Today begins its maiden voyage.  A group of us will be taking this sketchbook out to the Montpelier public this afternoon in order to find the first person to receive it.  After that, who knows where it will go.  Anyone could end up with it, perhaps even you.

If you are interested in this sketchbook project, or just sketchbooks in general, you can check out The Sketchbook Project, a collection of over 10,000 sketchbooks that will be touring galleries and museums around the world, here.

For the rest of the week: on Wednesday, we will be starting a ping pong tournament and, on Thursday, Tyler will be starting a film and video workshop for anyone interested.

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