Amazing Race Recap

We had a great time with everyone on Friday!  We greatly appreciated all who volunteered and made the race possible; much obliged.  And a special thank you to the businesses and establishments that allowed us into their midst for the various stages of the race.

The sun was blazing down and the dew-point was high, but everyone seemed to be in good spirits as they traversed the town.  They began by playing chords on an ukelele at Guitar Sam, A minor, D, and C.  Next they searched for clues in books at the library followed by an impromptu cover of a favorite song at Buch Spieler, what voices!  Tossing the beanbag into the cornhole at the State House lawn proved tricky for some, but it was the word search at Woodbury Toys that really tested all the teams.

We felt the love of the community and witnessed the strengthening of bonds, both between participants and with the community.

We look forward to an equally successful race next year!  Hope to see you there!

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T-Shirts for the Amazing Race

This week has been busy getting ready for the Amazing Race on Friday! We just finished printing the t-shirts we designed especially for this race. Teams will wear unique colors and our wonderful volunteers at each challenge-station will be identified by their Amazing Race shirts!  There’s still time to sign-up, although you’ll have some fierce competition! We’ve got quite a lineup of teams ready to compete.

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Outdoor Art Workshop

We did an outdoor art workshop today, based on the secret sculpture installations of Charles Simonds — First we headed to our favorite toy shop, Woodbury Mountain Toys, to pick up tiny animals and other things to work with. Below are the results of our labor. If you head East on State Street in Montpelier, as you ascend the hill you will come to a stone wall on your right. Go check out the secrets we put in the cracks in the walls!

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This week is going to be big!  This Friday will be  the running of  the annual Amazing Race!  This will be tons of fun, but we need you to participate.  All you need is a friend to run the race with and you’ll have a chance at winning an Xbox 360 with Kinect!  Everyone who participates will get a free T-shirt commemorating the race.  And there are other ways to better your odds at winning.  Come down to the Basement to find out what you can do to increase your chances.

This afternoon (or tomorrow, depending on the weather), we will be holding an outdoor art workshop.  Jackie has been planning this for a while now and it sounds really exciting.

Work on the documentary project will get into higher gear this week.  We will be doing interviews with the aid of a more advanced camera this week (starting Tuesday).




Next Wednesday, July 6, Orca Media will be conducting a training for anyone at the Basement who’s interested.  We will be learning about the ins and outs of video production.  After a short overview of the camera equipment, we will head outside to test out our cinematography skills before returning to Orca to see what we can make with our images using Final Cut Pro. If you want to join in, be at the Basement by 2:45pm so we can make it over to Orca by 3pm.

The best part of this is that, whoever gets trained on the cameras will be able to check out camera equipment from Orca to work on this summer’s film project.  Let your voice be heard in the community and create something fun at the same time.  The more people who are involved, the more fun this can be.

Today and next week, we will also be creating storyboards at the Basement in order to plan out ideas for the project.  Or, you can create storyboards on your own and bring your ideas to the Basement!  We want to hear your voice, tell us want you want to say to your community.